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Gerard Donnelly
Location: Flushing, MI
Education: BBA - Accounting
Employment: Freelance Website Design and Development -
Interests: Dancing, D&D, Reading, Movies, Television

Gerard Donnelly's Story:
Gerard worked 17 years at EDS, went on to work at Charisma Arts where he first started working on websites. During this time he was honing his dancing skills at local clubs. You can see him dance at

Updates from Gerard Donnelly:

J.M.'s Bachelor Party Summer 2008 Posted on:  March 22, 2014

Here is the limo parked out on the road set to pick us up. What a crazy night that was! We ended up in a "party bus" with a DD that was drinking. I thought we were all going to die several times but somehow we ended up making it home... Whew!

Fourth of July 2010 Posted on:  March 16, 2014

Many years ago now, but was by myself on our country's birthday, and so me and Ken from across the street went to Auto City Speedway and had a fun day checking out cool cars and watching races. Just thought you may all want to see this.